Submission instructions for Eclipse Java projects  


Step 1 - Export Eclipse project as a zipped Archive file


- In the Eclipse IDE, right click over your project name in the Package Explorer



- Select Export... from the menu and select General->Archive File



- Select Next and select your entire project folder and sub-folders as shown



- Click Browse... to your Desktop and enter a File name using your email name (e.g.

- Be sure to enter the .zip file extension to denote a zip archive file

- Select Save in zip format

- Select Compress the contents of the file

- Select Create directory structure for files



- Select Finish to complete the zip process



Step 2 - Upload zip file to online Dropbox folder


- Click on the "Dropbox" heading along the top of our online course page

- Click on the designated assignment folder link (e.g. Lab 1 shown as an example below)



- Read the Instructions and add any Comments you'd like to provide

- Note to name your zipped file using your email name



- Click the "Add a File" button and browse and select your zipped archive file



- Click the Upload button to upload the file to the submission folder



- To complete the process, click on the Submit button