Project 2

Total Points:               10 pts.

The First National Bank of Parkland has asked you to design and develop an account transaction database system. The system allows bank employees to:

1) Setup an account for a new customer (make sure your system can hold at least 20 total customers). Every customer account should contain the customer first and last name, address, social security number (SS#), interest rate, and a field for the total balance in the account.

2) Assign interest rates for each of the accounts.

3) Make transactions on the accounts (deposits or withdrawals).

4) Calculate the total balance with interest for each account (balance = balance + balance*interest rate)

5) Print account information for a single customer or the entire list of customer accounts. Include in the output all information for each account (name, address, SS#, interest rate, type of account, balance) in a readable and well organized output format.

Develop a menu-driven interactive system that provides bank employees with a menu listing the various commands available and continue until the user terminates the program. An example of a typical session might look like:

jdoe@shaula % project2

Welcome to the First National Bank
of Parkland - Account transaction system

Enter any of the following commands:
        1) Create account
        2) Print accounts
        3) Select account
        4) Deposit
        5) Withdrawal
        6) Quit



Develop your data models by using the design methodology discussed in the study notes. Document organized, well-written design notes that capture what each of the models "knows" and "does" in a table format (similar to designs in the study notes). With the importance of design in software development, these design tables will be handed in as part of the project submission and graded as part of the project grade. Write up your design tables in either text or Microsoft Word format files and include in your project folder submission. As discussed in lecture, object-oriented program development begins with thinking about solutions differently. An essential element to well-developed OO programs is the identification, design, and construction of robust data models to reflect the program specification. From the project description, identify, design, and develop at least 2 new classes for this project to receive full credit. Design and develop your C++ classes to accurately represent the data models and the tasks operating on the data models. As in the study notes, put each class definition in its own header file (.h), each class member function definitions in its own source file (.C), and the program application in its own source file (project2.C).