Course Introduction

Course Information

- Welcome to CSC 140 – Computer Science I (Java)

- CSC 140 is a first semester computer course in Computer Science (CS1)

- Some students may have had an introductory course in logic and fundamental concepts (e.g. CIS 122)

- We will start, however, with the expectation that this is a first course in programming for all students

- Our emphasis will be on problem solving, algorithm design, and program development

- We will study foundational concepts in data representation and programming constructs

- We will be introduced to software design fundamentals using object-oriented principles

- This course is also a transfer course to meet requirements for other college programs

- As a transfer course, we’ll cover additional required topics in computer science

- We will be learning and practicing these topics using the Java language

- The second semester CS course in sequence is CSC 256 – Computer Science II (Java)

- The equivalent course sequence using C++ at Parkland is CSC 123, CSC 125

- After this course, students can also take a course teaching app development for Android

- CSC 212 (Mobile Application Development) teaches how to use Java to write Android apps



Course Goals

- Our goals are to become proficient at designing and developing software to solve problems

- We will begin with fundamentals of computer processing (hardware, networks, languages)

- We will study the Java technology in depth starting with its origin and design goals

- We will learn and use an environment called Eclipse to develop our Java programs

- We will learn fundamentals in programming and computer science including

- Data and Expressions

- Using Classes and Objects

- Writing Classes

- Conditionals and Loops

- Object-oriented design

- Arrays

- Inheritance



Course Syllabus

- Please read the course Syllabus thoroughly

- This syllabus describes the expectations, policies, and procedures for this course

- If after reading, you have any questions, please contact me immediately



Course Schedule

- Note that all course study material, assignments, and projects are listed in the Course Schedule

- This can also be accessed through the online class site under the “Schedule” heading

- Fall and spring classes are organized as two regular class sessions per week for 16 weeks

- Work is assigned and due according to these sessions as listed in the course schedule

- Assignments must be completed on time or result in a zero, see Syllabus for more information



Course Material

- The required textbook we will be using is the following

Java Software Solutions, Foundations of Program Design, 9th edition
by Lewis & Loftus
ISBN 0134462025 (available in Parkland bookstore)


- We will be using this textbook extensively and be our primary source of learning content

- The instructor will occasionally provide additional lecture material as links in the Course Schedule

- It is vitally important to study all material (readings, notes) listed each week as specified in the schedule

- All labs, quizzes, and exams are based on this material

- It is highly encouraged for students to write and test all code samples from course material

- Thorough reading, practicing, and writing your own programs will assure your success in this course



Course Format and Lab (on-campus only)

- Instructor will lecture during first half of each class session

- Second half of class is for lab time to work on assignments and get assistance

- As discussed in the Syllabus, students will store all assignments on their own USB storage device

- Students will also be downloading and installing the Eclipse software on this USB device

- During lab, students will work on Windows lab machines from accessing their USB device