CSC128: Spring 19 - Introduction to Linux


Instructor: Sean Mauney
email: Use the e-mail facility provided by, which e-mails smauney at parkland dot edu .
Office Hours:
Office Phone: (217)353-2004
Office: B113A

Parkland College Student Policies

Required Text (Any edition of this book will be fine):

A Practical Guide To Linux, Commands, editors and Shell Programming, Mark G. Sobell Second Edition - ISBN-13:978-0-13-136736-4
A Practical Guide To Linux, Commands, editors and Shell Programming, Mark G. Sobell Third Edition - ISBN-13:978-0-13-308504-4
A Practical Guide To Linux, Commands, editors and Shell Programming, Mark G. Sobell Fourth Edition - ISBN-13:978-0-13-447460-2


Students should check the schedule on the web often as it will be updated throughout the semester. All important due dates and extra information will be posted the class schedule during the semester.


There are will be a lot of assignments/labs/quizzes during the semester.
The following points and policies will apply to the various types of assignments:

  • Labs - in class or assigned for online students: due by the end of class in which they are assigned or by the due date announced, 10 to 15 points each, no late labs will be accepted. Showing up late to class will result in a lower lab score for the day.
  • Exercises - in . Exercises are worth 15 points each, they are posted in and you may take them as many times as you wish before the due date and your highest score sticks.. No late exercises will be accepted.
  • Quizzes - in class or online: given at the beginning of class on the announced days, 25 points each. There will be several quizzes, they will be announced at least 1 week in advance, no makeups will be given unless arranged for in advance.
  • Exams - in There will be 3 exams and a final. Exams are worth 100 points and the final will be worth 200 points. Contact me in advance if you must miss a test.
  • Projects - due in class. You will have at least one week to do each of the 3 projects that are assigned. projects are worth 50 points and a 15 point late penalty applies to late projects. Projects will only be graded one time.
  • Hybrid Class Additional Syllabus Information

The highest score in the class will be the score that you must make the following percentages of for the corresponding grade.

A: 94% and up
B: 84%-93%
C: 74%-83%
D: 64%-73%
F: less than 64%

Course Description:

This course serves as an introduction to UNIX/Linux. We will not cover advanced topics; they will be covered in later courses.

The objectives of this course are to learn:

  • the history of UNIX and Linux systems
  • how to use GNU commands and Utilities
  • the Linux file system structure and file management
  • how to create and edit files on Linux using vi
  • inter-system communications
  • to use and program with the bash shell
  • to use the network from Linux


This class will be taught with interactive exercises during class and lab time, so I seriously advise you to attend every scheduled class. Important (testable) information will be given during class that is not in the text.

Office Hours:

My office hours are posted on the web at /office_hours.html . Please come see me during my office hours if you have any questions. I will typically also be available immediately before each class period in the classroom, and at the class breaks.

No Food or Drinks:

It is Parkland policy that no food or drinks are permitted in the lab at any time. Computer equipment, carpeting and furniture have been damaged in the past, and we want to prevent this from happening in the future.


If you carry a cell phone to class, please set the device to vibrate mode before class, if your device supports it. Otherwise, please turn the ringer off.

Class and Lab time are not for surfing the net or checking email or playing games or anything besides learning to use *NIX; these activities can be very distracting to other students who would like to pay attention. Feel free to do these things at another time or in another place.

Student Email Account:

All e-mail communication for this class will be done through the course management system.

Withdrawal Procedure:

It is the student's responsibility to monitor his/her progress in this course. If after consulting with the instructor, the student feels it becomes necessary to withdraw from this course, it is the responsibility of the student to do so. Please see the class schedule to find out the final date for withdrawal with "W" grade from courses. If you have questions about the withdrawal procedure, see your Parkland College catalog.
Disabilities Act (ADA):

If you believe that you have a disability for which you may need an academic accommodation (eg. Alternate testing environment, use of assistive technology, or other classroom assistance), please contact:

Office of Disability Services
Room U260
General queries-
fax-(217) 353-2305
appointments-(217) 353-2338

Students should keep current with the material at all times and should seek my help early with any questions.