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Sean Mauney, Instructor Finals Schedule Spring 17

Office Location: B132
smauney at parkland dot edu


Sean Mauney
Spring 17 Finals Schedule,
Office B 132
Time Monday May 15 Tuesday May 16 Wednesday May 17 Thursday May 18 Friday May 12
8-9am     Final CIS122-001 B226   Final CIS122-201 B226
9-10am     Wednesday May 17   Friday May 12
10-11am     Office Hour   Office Hour
11-noon     Final CSC128-201 A208    
noon-1pm     Wednesday May 17    
1-2pm     Office Hour    
2-3pm     Final CIS122-002H B226    
3-4pm     Wednesday May 17    
4-5pm Office Hour        
5-6pm Final CSC130 5-7:10 pm Class
Mon. May 15
    Office Hour  
6-7pm Final CSC130 5pm Class     Final CSC128-001H A208  
7-8pm       Thursday May 18  


You may e-mail me in advance for a meeting in one of the labs, to make up work or get help on a particular topic.

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